Exclusive AdSpy Coupon – Comparison of Top 3 Facebook Ad Spy Tools

To be a successful Facebook advertiser, it is a must for you to know how your competitors on Facebook are performing. “Learn from your competitors” actually works, and to learn from them, an effective Facebook ads spy tool like AdSpy is vital. Without any further delay, grab our limited time $150 AdSpy Coupon Code immediately! Apply code MEGADSPY.

Back to Facebook ad spy tools.

Facebook ads spy tools help you snoop on competitors’ strategies, their best advertising campaigns, tactics & methodologies they currently implement. With these, obviously, you can prepare well before you run your PPC campaigns on Facebook.

The tools also help you to replicate the ideas of your rivals, the way they spend on their ad campaigns, and so on. As competition in FB advertising has gone far beyond, multiple Facebook ad spy tools have evolved. In order to help you decide the best ad spy tool among them, below is a review and comparison of the top 3 Facebook ads spy tools.

Top 3 Facebook Ad Spy Tools + AdSpy Coupon

  • AdSpy
  • PowerAdSpy
  • BigSpy

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AdSpy & $150 AdSpy Coupon

AdSpy + AdSpy Coupon

AdSpy is an outstanding Facebook and Instagram ads spy tool. It is the leading social ads spying tool available out there. With AdSpy, you can effectively spy on your competitors as it has the largest Facebook and Instagram ads database having more than 94 million ads from across 203 countries.

The powerful features of AdSpy include:

  • Enhanced Basic Search
  • Search Through Comments
  • Accurate Demographics
  • Massive Data
  • Calling Affiliates
  • Rapid Interface

AdSpy is an affordable ad spying tool. It costs $149 per month and upon sign up, you get free credits with which you can search ads up to a certain limit free of cost. Once the free credit gets over, you will have to pay a monthly subscription of $149. Here is a golden opportunity for you to get AdSpy at a reduced rate. Claim our $75 AdSpy Working Code  now & avail the benefits! Use code AFF75.



PowerAdSpy is an excellent Facebook ad intelligence software that allows you to spy on your rivals effortlessly. Besides Facebook, the tool also helps you to monitor your competitors’ Google ads, Instagram ads, YouTube ads, GDN & Native ads. It is the world’s largest database of ads that has over 50 million ads across 20 countries and about 50K ads added daily.

The key features of PowerAdSpy are as follows:

  • Powerful & dynamic search options
  • Demographics & Engagement Filters
  • Geo-location filter
  • Call-to-action based sorting
  • Video & Image Ad Integration
  • Funnel Breakdown
  • Comprehensive Ad Analytics
  • Bookmarking of Best Ads

PowerAdSpy is priced differently based on different social media platforms. It offers 6 pricing plans namely 

Basic Plan – Costs $49 per month 

Standard Plan – Costs $99 per month

Premium Plan – Costs $149 per month

Platinum Plan – Costs $249 per month

Titanium Plan – Costs $299 per month

Palladium Plan – Costs $349 per month



BigSpy is a powerful Facebook ads spy tool that helps you to spy on your rivals if you are into Facebook advertising. It has a user-friendly design, simple filtering, in-depth analytics, and more. It is an all-inclusive social media tool that lets you spy not only on Facebook ads but also on YouTube ads, Instagram ads, Pinterest ads, Yahoo ads, Twitter ads & Admob ads. The tool stores about 160 million ad data.

The eye-opening features of BigSpy include:

  • Multi-platforms
  • Big Ad Database
  • Powerful Search
  • Featured Ads
  • Discover New Ideas
  • Performance Tracking

Besides its Free plan, BigSpy offers three unique pricing plans which are as follows:

Basic – Costs $9 per month

Pro – Costs $99 per month

Elite – Costs $399 per month


We recommend using AdSpy over PowerAdSpy and BigSpy as an ad intelligence tool for social media channels because it’s not only easy to use but pretty straightforward. Its interface, to the variety of features such as its search and filter functionality, help you narrow down your searches from the huge database.

For a huge database of social media ads, AdSpy has created a great discovery tool as you can search by any variable you can think of including gender, country, audience age, daily or total likes, user reactions, and more. So do not delay anymore! Get our exclusive AdSpy Free Trial and gain access to the world’s best Facebook ad spy tool soon! Use code ADSPY75. Hurry up before the offer ends!